ICEM2006 conference topics


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Theme: Management of Sustainability and Ecological Modelling

'Sustainability' has been a global keyword. Without tools to evaluate sustainability, it is impossible to manage urgent environmental tasks such as nature conservation, reduction of CO2 emissions, recycling materials etc.

To address this issue, ecological modelling is the answer. In Japan, various kinds of deterministic ecosystem models for specific problems have been developed to predict the effects of environmental changes. Also, the progress of standardization and packaging of ecological models, combined with new technologies and theories such as GIS, remote sensing, machine learning, complex systems, individual based modelling etc., have been seen in the other parts of the world.

Getting all those new models, technologies and theories together and sharing our experience on their potential as well as their limitations will produce a sound basis for further progress in ecological modelling and sustainable environmental management.

Toward this end, the ISEM (International Society for Ecological Modelling) - Japan will host ICEM 2006 in order to exchange information and ideas concerning system analysis and simulation in ecology and natural resources management. With the theme "Management of Sustainability and Ecological Modelling", the conference aims to clarify the potential and limitation of Ecological Modelling as a tool for managing sustainability.

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